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Checking in from SF Dojo

Hey folks,
Checking in from Midori’s Rope Dojo out here in San Fran. It’s somewhere around 4 am, so forgive if I wander a bit. 5 years on tour and never picked up the skill of sleeping in a hotel room. On a moving bus or circus train and I am out like a baby for 14 hours…give me a real bed and… *heavy sigh*

I thought I’d drain off a little excess mental energy with a little typing….

So first the yadda yadda. Flew into SF no probs, made it to Hotel Diva without a hitch.

Anyway, spent the first evening wondering the area and made the realization that I didn’t bring enough B&W film again….oh well good excuse to come back.

So Day One of the Dojo began with Delano and Midori creating a scene for us that had me afraid to swallow for fear that the noise it would make might disturb what was happening.

Really, it was that intense, and showed me just how clinical my own scenes are becoming. And I tell you what Delano, if I could take a fall half as well as you I would be twice the martial artist I am now. Nice work guys! Thanks.

Following the scene was some discussion of what dynamics we saw happening. Some great feedback from bottoms and tops both about expectations and desires and how to communicate that to each other.

Then out came the rope! (scattered clapter) We had a small discussion about rope types, plusses and minuses of each, tools to keep on hand, some basic safety.

After a short break we came back and began working on some basics. Two column-ties, as Midori calls them, and two body harnesses. One harness with knots, one without, both had an alien baby! Then to finish off we worked a traditional Japanese upper body harness (the one in Midori’s book, its name escapes me at the moment).

Next came “what you can do with bamboo” demonstrating how to add a bamboo rod or two to a scene to make things a little more interesting.

To finish off the day Midori broke us up into groups of 4 and gave us an assignment I’ll call “Fun with Barbie Beach Ball Bottoms”. Each group had 2 beach balls and 4 sticks of bamboo. The assignment: pretend the beach balls are your bondage bottoms, set an intent for the scene and tie ‘em up! 3 minutes to plan, 15 minutes to execute. I tell ya there were some cool solutions to this one. My favorite being: “well, I think our intent was to tie up the pretty girls and hang beach balls off them….”

We have been informed we will begin with speed drills in the morning! Rock on!
There it is Day One. Sorry if it came out a little general, but as my Sensei says “If you want to learn the secret techniques you’d better show up for class!”

Ok so it’s off to sleepy land (I hope). Thanks Tanya, and Loki for being my “dates” for the day! If anyone wants to find me I’ll be eating breakfast a couple of blocks over this morning. Wondering who I’ll run into today, and hoping they wont ask me to fix their lighting equipment. How come I never run into the showgirls?



Midori is returning to the Crucible for her third time, and we couldn’t be happier. Space is limited only by Midori and DeLano’s ability to interact. There are many who teach rope work, but Midori is one of the very best.

Midori and the Crucible started the “Rope Dojo” idea several years ago to great success, which she is now conducting all over the country.


Midori’s Rope Dojo takes you to the next level

You’ll get something out of Midori’s Dojo regardless of what level you’re at going in.

Where most classes teach specific rope skills and techniques, or simply showcases the instructor’s expertise, Midori’s Rope Dojo takes you to the next level by skillfully teaching and facilitating development of intensive scene dynamics, ropecraft concepts, enhanced communication between rigger and rope bottom, and faster, more powerful, more artful, and more creative ropecraft ties, style, and finesse.

Sukebe that I am, there’s no question that I hold Midori’s Rope Dojo in the highest esteem. Not only did I take home some yummy bamboo and a delicious t-shirt, I took home the ability to do better and more creative scenes and ropework, as well as concepts for continued improvement. Without hesitation or reservation, I recommend it to anyone striving to improve their ropecraft or enhance their scenes, regardless of experience level. How cool is a “class” and instructor that can do that?

Cheers (and thank you Midori),

Toronto Dojo Challenges Creativity Style

None of the ties were too complex for anyone, and the group was small enough that Midori or Delano were able to provide extra support when needed. While those of us who were new at it practiced the technique, the more experienced among us were able to challenge their creativity and style.

Regarding any concern about not bringing a partner with you, there’s no need to worry. My “bondage buddy” had to give up her spot in the dojo a couple of weeks before when she suddenly had to move to the west coast. I was a bit concerned about going alone, but ended up being paired up with one of three other attendees who didn’t have partners. If there was an odd person out, there were staffers who probably could have stepped in. Our pairing worked out great. In fact, I found everyone at the dojo to be positive and supportive of each other. I expect this often happens when you put rope enthusiasts together in one room.

If you are concerned that you don’t have a partner of your gender preference to attend with… From a purely technical point of view, it doesn’t make a difference for the ties and harnesses that are taught in the dojo. The techniques are transferable regardless of the topography you’re dealing with.

My advice is to sign-up early, bring lots of rope and enthusiasm, and challenge yourself. A couple of weeks ago I got together with two fellow graduates who I’d first met at the dojo for some practice ‘lab scenes’. We all agreed that it’d be worth going to the dojo again!

(Student from Toronto Dojo)

Suspension Bondage is in the Same Classification as Single Tails

“During my ten years in the scene it became apparent that suspension bondage is in the same classification as single tails… meaning that to attempt it without proper instruction is to court disaster and permanent injury. Midori’s Rope Dojo was the perfect primer for
suspension because of the way that the basics are so carefully covered, creating a strong foundation upon which more complicated combinations of the basics can be built. Even more importantly is the fact that Midori and Delano have the presentations skills to keep it fun, with lots of laughter and interesting asides, so that you can make it through sixteen hours of material without getting bored or finding yourself unable to pay attention.

If you don’t think it takes skill to keep someone’s attention for that long then try presenting for only three hours on any topic. You’ll quickly find that there is a lot more to being a masterful rope instructor than understanding how to tie people up in rope.”

“NCD”, BDSM Enthusiast, Instructor/Presenter and Author

Toronto – thank you Midori! *grins*

I also attended Midori’s dojo in Toronto. While I’m not a novice I still consider myself very new to rope. My experience was that it didn’t matter whether you were new to rope or experienced. Each tie, knot, concept was presented in such a way that everyone was able to follow along and end up at the same place at the same time. Midori and her assistant, or co-facilitator, DeLano, were extremely adept at teaching everyone in a way that did not intimidate us acolytes (or someone who is shy like me) and yet challenged those with more skill. For me, by the end of the weekend my confidence and understanding of rope, rigging and bottom psychology increased ten fold, and, I have oodles of fun both during and after the workshop! (thank you Midori! *grins*)

Advice… hmmm… wear comfortable clothes that are easy to remove if you feel like it. Take a small blanket or a huge towel, be prepared to meet some really coool people and have a lot of fun, oh yes, ask lot’s of questions because there will be people there who have much knowledge to share with you.

Take care… enjoy… and even though I’ve already ‘graduated’, I’d do it again!



Even a Person Who Is All Thumbs Like Me Can Now Do “That Knot” and Column ties

i attended Midori’s rope dojo in Toronto and it was great… though i am a rope bottom, everybody in the class got to practice and so, well i may have “cinched with gusto” a couple of times using a bit too much gusto, so… i got to pay for it later

the dojo is well thought out with ample time for practice and interaction, even a person who is all thumbs like me can now do “that knot” and column ties…

there are even some more fun times where folks work in groups and get to show off their creativity..

i loved the dojo and would recommend it to anyone

owned by Mistress Christine

Pack a huge amount of information

Midori and Delano packed a huge amount of information about rope and rope technique into a very well structured seminar. Midori’s a great presenter, with the knowledge, experience, and superb delivery, so time flew by as she filled our heads with the really important stuff.
I thoroughly recommend the dojo to anyone who wants to know about rope in kinky play.”

Trevor H. Jacques; author and kink researcher. http://WholeSM.com

DC Dojo Beyond Belief

My partner and I attended Midori’s rope dojo in DC this past weekend. It was fabulous. Exceeded all my expectations. Midori, you are an outstanding instructor. You have such incredible depth of knowledge and your delivery of the material is entertaining, interesting and informative. My partner was suffering from a killer migraine this weekend and missed parts of it. We are going to try to make to San Francisco in November to take it again.

If any of you have not taken this course I would highly recommend it. Everything was five-star. Do not miss the opportunity to see the master at work. It’s beyond belief.

Thank you Midori for imparting your knowledge to us so openly. We’re looking forward to seeing you again.


Trained By Midori

Two weekends ago, Michele, Delano, Seraphin and I headed down to The Crucible in Washington DC for Midori’s Rope Bondage Dojo. Wow! Sixteen full hours of rope education spread over two days. Midori is a great teacher who explains everything fully as she demonstrates and then works with everyone in the class as everybody the does it on each other. Everybody was expected to switch and everybody did. I had heard that we would be given speed drills and team projects and I was a little apprehensive about those, but when it came to actually doing it, I was confident in being able to do everything and I managed just fine – actually better than fine! These exercises actually made it even easier to learn everything.

And there was a lot to learn: four different two-column ties, two body harnesses, hand and foot bondage, a dildo harness and, at the end, we learned how to do self-suspension. We also were taught the history of Japanese rope bondage, the many reasons (intents) why people like to do rope bondage and we trained in speed negotiating. Delano was the assistant teacher and gave a lot of insight that complemented what Midori had to say.

Every graduate got a certificate, a six-foot bamboo pole and a canvas toybag perfect for carrying our rope. I highly recommend this course and I hope Midori will teach an advanced version at some point.

Lolita speaking only for Lolita, of course!