This has opened an entire new door and path for me to explore.

I had the pleasure of attending your 2 day rope dojo in SF this past weekend, and felt compelled to write.

To describe the weekend with words like amazing or incredible does not really do it justice, transcendent seems more fitting.

As a top, I have always had love of restraint and control, but had always utilised cuffs, shackles, scarves, ties, or similar until now.

Being able to experience first-hand the beauty and physicality of rope in such an environment was a unique opportunity I am glad to have been able to take advantage of.

Witnessing its effect on devotees was very enlightening, and having to submit to being harnessed and tied myself as part of the exercise gave me a new perspective from the other side as it were as well.

This has opened an entire new door and path for me to explore, and without your openness, guidance, and sharing it would not have been possible. I look forward to attending an elective or class in the future.

--Paul. January 2015

This weekend was worth far more than the cost of attendance and will propel forward my own play in rich and meaningful ways.

It has taken me a couple days to process all that occurred for me this weekend as what was conveyed was so incredibly powerful. You, Delano, Michelle, Mateo and Dart did a wonderful job of creating a warm, safe, welcoming and invigorating space to experience lessons beginning, but certainly reaching far beyond, Rope. It is true that I entered your Dojo ignorant and insecure about my rope skills and I now feel a great confidence and eager desire to learn more, but I learned so much more.

You have distilled down well, the essence of what matters and motivates our deep yet simple desires for play. This genuine expression and thoughtful pathway to it, were incredibly enlightening and grounding.

The radiant peace and happiness expressed by Delano after your play, spoke volumes about the integrity of your own learning and exploration. Thank you so much for this incredible gift. This weekend was worth far more than the cost of attendance and will propel forward my own play in rich and meaningful ways.

--Frank C

I walked away changed, challenged, educated, curious and seeing with eyes that now say, "I want. I desire. I can."

I must leave a review for Midori's Rope Dojo in San Francisco Jan. 17 - 18, 2015. I lived in San Francisco about 9 years and had heard this name, Midori, floating around. It has always been uttered with a spark of's like people cannot say her name with smiling inside. Only after moving from the city was I able to attend one of her weekend intensives. I guess it's true what they say..."you have to leave home to find it." And that, I did. I came into the rope dojo with no specific expectations but with a great deal of baggage - literally and figuratively. I came in confused by rope. What is "correct?" Am I a "novice" until I can suspend someone? What if a certain style of tying doesn't appeal to me? Am I sophisticated enough to take a class like this? How can I incorporate some of what i learn if I'm not a "master?" Midori took every notion I had and turned it on its ear. She is creative, generous, uninterested in labels, uninterested in perfection and completely stoked and sparked by human connection. The couples that attended this dojo walked away touching and holding each other in a very different way. Those of us who came singly increased our skill set, but we also broke through walls with each other. We dropped fear by the door and took risks, started becoming confident, reached out to strangers and made connections and There is not praise enough for this class - you will not be disappointed if you give yourself this gift. I walked away changed, challenged, educated, curious and seeing with eyes that now say, "I want. I desire. I can."


Really opened my eyes up to bondage in a philosophical way.

Had a great weekend! Really opened my eyes up to bondage in a philosophical way. I'm definitely going to apply a lot of what was discussed to my work/life.
I really enjoyed it.
Midori's a great speaker and everyone was so helpful and welcoming.
The drills helped me with my physical skills a lot and the creative thinking exercises helped me with critically looking at bondage.
I'm genuinely looking forward to any classes that are Dojo-related.
--An Li

Thank you for a terrific dojo experience!

"Thank you for a terrific dojo experience. I feel very fortunate to have been part of your dojo. You and your cadre brought your hearts and passion, skill and compassion, and your joy to us all.
It was wonderful to reconnect with you as you shared some of your richest made me feel special. I had a wonderful time. And what a sweet partner I met, too! Intense immersion is my favorite kind of learning. I do best with the kind of small ratio of students to instructors that you chose for this weekend. I felt supported and patient, and more confident as we went along.

The negotiation piece really got my attention, because of the clever and entirely doable way you brought all the critical elements together. I'd love to borrow some elements of that, with credit to you, and build those into the negotiation workshop I give with TouchDeep. That grew out of what we learned from Things Gone Wrong. The dialogue about "what does it look/sound like when things are great, bad, and beige" was wonderful. I used that right away.

You opened into thing that I most wanted: how to create and sustain the intimate human connection in play. When I was talking through my experience with TouchDeep, my poly partner, we agreed that with not just rope or suspension but with all kink, one of the biggest risks is loss of intimacy amidst toys, tools and technique. I want more on that.

You said it often, and you walked your talk: it's not about the rope. You hit a deep nerve when you asked how people felt when they were untied too quickly. Many people immediately responded with a lot of emotion about how awful that felt.

You've got me thinking about the class I want to create: on deepening intimate connection in our kink play.
I loved the ties you chose, the way you taught, the structure, the catering, the pace, the speed drills, the soulful scene with DeLano, and your vulnerability and openness. Your talk de-mystifying of the origins of shibari was great. The panel on suspension rightly slowed down my thought process to consider clearly my INTENT. You are absolutely right that there is a huge rush for suspension with scant discussion of setting and harmonizing intention among partners. There is so much to learn on the floor.

It may seem small to you, but you can count as an achievement that one of the things I learned and put into practice was to understand my intent in being there - to deepen my understanding of intimacy and support my cherished relationships - and to make choices that are in integrity with my intention."
Heartbound (April 2013)

Doubled my knowledge in one day

"I've been in the scene a very long time. Rope Dojo & Midori doubled my knowledge in one day"


Midori is returning to the Crucible for her third time, and we couldn’t be happier. Space is limited only by Midori and DeLano’s ability to interact. There are many who teach rope work, but Midori is one of the very best.

Midori and the Crucible started the “Rope Dojo” idea several years ago to great success, which she is now conducting all over the country.


Midori’s Rope Dojo takes you to the next level

You’ll get something out of Midori’s Dojo regardless of what level you’re at going in.

Where most classes teach specific rope skills and techniques, or simply showcases the instructor’s expertise, Midori’s Rope Dojo takes you to the next level by skillfully teaching and facilitating development of intensive scene dynamics, ropecraft concepts, enhanced communication between rigger and rope bottom, and faster, more powerful, more artful, and more creative ropecraft ties, style, and finesse.

Sukebe that I am, there’s no question that I hold Midori’s Rope Dojo in the highest esteem. Not only did I take home some yummy bamboo and a delicious t-shirt, I took home the ability to do better and more creative scenes and ropework, as well as concepts for continued improvement. Without hesitation or reservation, I recommend it to anyone striving to improve their ropecraft or enhance their scenes, regardless of experience level. How cool is a “class” and instructor that can do that?

Cheers (and thank you Midori),

Toronto Dojo Challenges Creativity Style

None of the ties were too complex for anyone, and the group was small enough that Midori or Delano were able to provide extra support when needed. While those of us who were new at it practiced the technique, the more experienced among us were able to challenge their creativity and style.

Regarding any concern about not bringing a partner with you, there’s no need to worry. My “bondage buddy” had to give up her spot in the dojo a couple of weeks before when she suddenly had to move to the west coast. I was a bit concerned about going alone, but ended up being paired up with one of three other attendees who didn’t have partners. If there was an odd person out, there were staffers who probably could have stepped in. Our pairing worked out great. In fact, I found everyone at the dojo to be positive and supportive of each other. I expect this often happens when you put rope enthusiasts together in one room.

If you are concerned that you don’t have a partner of your gender preference to attend with… From a purely technical point of view, it doesn’t make a difference for the ties and harnesses that are taught in the dojo. The techniques are transferable regardless of the topography you’re dealing with.

My advice is to sign-up early, bring lots of rope and enthusiasm, and challenge yourself. A couple of weeks ago I got together with two fellow graduates who I’d first met at the dojo for some practice ‘lab scenes’. We all agreed that it’d be worth going to the dojo again!

(Student from Toronto Dojo)

Toronto – thank you Midori! *grins*

I also attended Midori’s dojo in Toronto. While I’m not a novice I still consider myself very new to rope. My experience was that it didn’t matter whether you were new to rope or experienced. Each tie, knot, concept was presented in such a way that everyone was able to follow along and end up at the same place at the same time. Midori and her assistant, or co-facilitator, DeLano, were extremely adept at teaching everyone in a way that did not intimidate us acolytes (or someone who is shy like me) and yet challenged those with more skill. For me, by the end of the weekend my confidence and understanding of rope, rigging and bottom psychology increased ten fold, and, I have oodles of fun both during and after the workshop! (thank you Midori! *grins*)

Advice… hmmm… wear comfortable clothes that are easy to remove if you feel like it. Take a small blanket or a huge towel, be prepared to meet some really coool people and have a lot of fun, oh yes, ask lot’s of questions because there will be people there who have much knowledge to share with you.

Take care… enjoy… and even though I’ve already ‘graduated’, I’d do it again!