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  • What prior experience is recommended?

    You need to be able to tie your shoelaces. I know this sounds like a joke, but it’s not. All the basic finger and tying agility needed for this class is in this simple skill. The Rope Bondage Dojo® class’s emphasis is on structure, scene, experience and how to plan a scene. All the ties needed are taught in class.

  • I don’t have a regular rope partner. Do I need to come with a partner?

    You don’t need to come with a partner. Each student works and practices with other students. If you are coming alone, you'll get to meet other attendees to drill with. Even when you are coming as a pair, you are absolutely welcome to practice with other people! Many find it helpful to practice with different body types and movement capabilities.

  • How much rope should I bring?

    The rope list below is a suggestion and a good minimum point to start with.

    - Four 12-foot lengths
    - Four 30 foot or 35 foot lengths
    - Some thin cord such as parachute or thin cotton cord.
    - You can also bring additional ropes shorter than 12-foot lengths.

    Important! All of your 30- or 35-foot rope must be of the same type (i.e. all cotton, all hemp or all nylon/poly) and same width / diameter.

  • What kind of rope should I bring?

    Cotton, pre-treated hemp and jute are all great for class. You’ll find great hemp, jute, silk and bamboo ropes at Cotton magician’s rope is great. While tacky in packaging, the Doc Johnson brand “Japanese style bondage rope” sold in adult stores and SM shops are great. Cotton sash cord is not that great. While nylon or poly rope is acceptable we’re not fans of it. Avoid climbing rope and laundry lines!

    Keep in mind that the thicker the rope is, the longer length you’ll need to cover the same terrain.

    We won’t have any ropes for sale at the Dojo so you’ll need to make sure to bring your own supply.

    For American made pre-treated hemp we recommend buying the Midori Rope Bondage Dojo® Essentials Kit from Twisted He sells an Expanded Kit as well. If you show your Dojo registration info there’s a special deal!

    Above all, the more rope the merrier!

  • Who attends the class?

    All sorts of people! In the past the age has ranged from mid 20’s to late 60’s. We’ve had people with a lot of rope bondage experience to total novices. Gender and orientations has been a full representation and we’ve had trans people there as well.

  • Is the class pansexual?

    Most definitely.

  • Is there any kind of rope I should not bring?

    Don’t bring clothesline or rope with a stiff core. This kind of rope is difficult to work with in a class of this nature.

  • Lunches and Dietary Limits: For the lunches that you are arranging, it is possible to have vegetarian food? Should I bring my own?

    We try our best to have ovo-lacto vegitarian food available for people who don’t eat meat. While we try our best, we’re not able to address all dietary limitations. Once you register let us know of your concern and we’ll try our best to accommodate. In case we’re not able to do so, we encourage you to bring your favorite foods to supplement what we provide.

  • Will there be any chairs for those of us flying in, or do I need to bring my portable one?

    We provide seating for those whom attend. But if you find that those metal conference chairs aren’t the most comfortable things, by all means bring your own favorite chairs or cushions.

  • I want to connect with the other students before the event for ride share, hotel share, dinners, etc… How can I do this?

    We have a discussion forum for this exact a Facebook page and FetLife event listings. You can meet other students before the Rope Bondage Dojo® class, plan ride shares and swap information pertaining to the Rope Bondage Dojo® class. Once you have registered, we will send you the information on how to access the forum.

  • When will info for the location be sent?

    We will send you an e-mail with the location information no later then a month before the Rope Bondage Dojo® class.

  • I’d like to find a nearby hotel… any relatively inexpensive suggestions?

    Send us an e-mail with a request for suggested hotels and we’ll be happy to help. You can also ask on the Rope Bondage Dojo® class discussion forum at DojoGrad. The e-mail address for questions is:

  • Is there a waiting list if the class is full?

    Yes. If the registration has closed due to all slots selling out, send us an e-mail with all of your contact information and we’ll add you to the waiting list. When previously registered students have to cancel we’ll contact you.
    E-mail address:

  • What happens if I have to cancel after buying a ticket?

    There is a refund policy. For each Dojo please check the ticket page for each event... but this is generally how it works...
    - Full refund if cancelled up to 30 days prior to event.
    - 50% refund if cancelled between 30 days and 14 days prior to event.
    - No refund if cancelled within 14 days of the event.

  • You don’t have a Dojo scheduled for my town. Can you tell me how I can get one set up?

    Drop me an e-mail! I run 3 to 4 Rope Bondage Dojos® classes per year. They’re planned about 6 months to a year in advance.
    E-mail address:

  • Why don’t you have more frequent Rope Bondage Dojos® classes?

    It takes a lot of planning, coordination and energy to conduct a successful Dojo weekend. We figured out from experience that 3 to 4 times a year allows for the best coordinated and high energy Dojo experience for the students.

  • Will you have a more advanced Rope Bondage Dojo® classes?

    We do! Level II Dojo is here but you MUST have graduated Level I in order to take it. In it I would like to go more into details and finesse, suspension bondage challenges and such.

  • Are there, by chance, any scholarship or work exchange opportunities?

    Generally no as all the staff positions are assigned in advanced.

  • Do you have the necessary ropes that we can buy for this two-day workshop?

    We usually have some Japanese hemp rope for sale at the class but don’t depend on this as your only source or rope.

    You can also buy pre-treated hemp from Japan on-line when you register for the Dojo or but it directly from us at the Dojo. For American made pre-treated hemp we recommend rope from Twisted Monk. Ask for the Midori Rope Bondage Dojo® class Essentials Kit or Expanded Kit.

  • How appropriate the material in Level I Dojo would be for more advanced folk?

    The Level I Dojo curriculum is designed specifically with multiple skill levels in mind. We always include detailed and finessed information into all information presented – even in the most basic material that we cover early on. The more advanced students are encouraged to notice these subtle and complex lessons woven in the course. The Dojo is conducted much like a martial arts lesson where the experienced students practice among the newer students while perfecting the details and skills under the instructors’ tutelage. The two-day, intensive format allows the instructors to observe each individual student to teach them better to fit their needs. We’ve had several people take the class a second time and they find the material just as challenging and informative as the first time they attended.

  • I’m a professional dominant and want to learn techniques to use in my business. Is Rope Bondage Dojo ® an appropriate venue for this?

    The techniques we teach in Rope Dojo® are designed for lifestyle play and to that end our curriculum is not geared towards the specific needs of professionals. Because the class is overwhelmingly made up of people who use bondage play as part of their personal SM relationships, we want to spend as much time as possible teaching what is most useful and exciting for that arena. We encourage professionals to attend under that caveat. That being said, we are open to discussing professional concerns outside of normal class time (during breaks and lunch).

    Also, if you are a professional dominant attending Dojo with a client, please be aware that we require all participants to be treated as equal partners during class time. The Domme/sub dynamic of your relationship must not get in the way of you switching off tying and being tied for the exercises.

  • How much would you charge us as a triad?

    You would pay for one pair ticket and one single ticket.

  • I am registering from outside of the United States and would prefer to pay by credit card. Can I use a credit card?

    The current ticket sales service has had some problems with non-US credit cards. If this happens, please e-mail me at and we’ll give you other alternatives for payment and registration methods.

  • Do you offer any other means (i.e. Paypal) to pay by credit?

    We prefer not to use Paypal, as they have been hostile to sites that promote sex-positive education. If you are not able to use the ticket sales program on this site, please e-mail me at and we’ll give you other alternatives for payment and registration methods.

  • I don’t want to use a credit card. Can I pay by any other method?

    If you prefer not use a credit card to register, please e-mail us at . We will work with you to come up with alternative payment and registration methods.

  • Will I learn about Shibari, Kinbaku or Japanese Rope Bondage?

    This intensive covers a wide range of rope bondage skills, including, but not limited to Japanese rope bondage. There’s a special section on the history of Shibari that will be of great interest to enthusiasts and novices alike.

  • Will you cover suspension bondage?

    That will be in Rope Dojo level 2!

  • What is the dojo website admin contact information?

    Click to contact the website admin: admin

  • Who does the tying? What if I’m exclusively a top? What if I exclusively a bottom?

    All exercises will be done by everyone. This means that everyone ties and feels the ties on them. This may be uncomfortable or novel for some of you, but rest assured that it’s made easy and safe. This makes for bottoms to be much better bottoms and tops to be much better tops. It’ll broaden your perspective and give you better tools to have your needs met in the long run.

    If you are in a dominant-submissive relationship where the emotional dynamic of the relationship is set, this won’t be a conflict. As headspace is not expected, one can command the other to tie well or maintain submissive decorum while binding. Alternatively you might find it fun to pair up and practice with different people in the Dojo to fulfill the exercise requirements.”

  • We're attending as a pair. Can we just share one set of ropes?

    It's really not a good idea. Each person should bring their own set of ropes.
    Some of the exercises are done alone. Some exercises move from one to another very quickly.
    With only one set of rope you'll lose time in unraveling and you may miss important instructions or delay the completion that lesson section for the class.
    ** We encourage you to mark your rope so you can identify it clearly. Many people wrap or sew-in a unique colored thread at the end of their own ropes.